Christopher studied architecture at the Bartlett and graduated with a First in 1994. He went on to complete postgraduate study in the Bartlett's 'Interactive Architecture Workshop' constructing the responsive 'Light fibre field' installation in 1998, the project was exhibited in a public gallery and widely published.

He has worked for over ten years in private practice, gaining experience in architectural design and environmental engineering while completing his professional training to become a registered Architect in 2003.

He worked on projects as part of the sixteen*(makers) group including the 'Blusher' installation in (2001) and the early site investigation in the 'Kielder' forest (2003-2005). After an internship on the government-funded research programme 'Top down ventilation for cooling in Urban areas' run by Professor Stephen Gage he became interested in passive energy, computing and environmental engineering as a research programme.

He is currenting completing a thesis as a candidate for the Engineering Doctorate in the Bartlett's VEIV centre at University College London. The research topic has explored the use of low power thermal actuators to operate movable elements on buildings, this can be used to reduce energy consumption.

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The research has been carried out by making extensive use of thermal laboratory work as well as monitoring the performance of tests build at full-size in the field.

Several academic papers and articles have been published in the architectural press and public exhibitions have resulted from the work. A dedicated computer model and simulation package has been produced for working with thermal actuators. Patents are also pending for inventions generated during the development of this project. The thesis project is under the supervision of Professor Stephen Gage. The research programme has the industrial sponsorship of Haque Design + Research Ltd.

He regularly gives lectures on the topic of Architecture that is climate responsive and the findings of his original research on the subject. He has given talks to students of Architecture at Universities, Conferences and practitioners in Architectural firms, aswell as being invited to the panel of critics for student reviews at the Bartlett (UCL), University of Westminster, the Architectural Association (AA) and the University of East London (UEL).

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