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Below is a list of citations to articles and academic papers that have been published about projects that I have worked on. Also, there are the references to research that I have carried out. Practice and research in the field of Architecture is often the result of fruitful collaborations with collegues, this is reflected in the authorship of these publications.

Alexander, Kaye and Gage, Stephen A. and Leung, Christopher

"Pavilion tests shuttered external insulation", Architects Journal, vol 227, no 24, (London: Emap Limited, 2008), ISSN: 0003-8466, pp.43

' ... theoretically, deployable external insulation (D.E.I.) has the potential to be three to nine times better than a window at conserving heat energy ... '

An article that covers the exhibition of the deployable external insulation demonstration system, published to coincide with its showing at the Bartfest Summer Show 2008 and London Architecture Festival July 2008.

© 2008 Emap Limited

Birch, Amanda

"Sunlight bathing", Building Design, (London: Emap Limited, 2004), pp.16-17

' ... a kinetic light sculpture that harnesses the sun to create a dramatic colourful effect. ... A heliostat array is trained on the world's largest outdoor acrylic prism to bathe objects with the component colours of the spectrum ... '

Article on the concept development and firmware programming of a prototype for the [as yet unbuilt] public artwork designed by the acclaimed artist Bruce McLean and architect William McLean.

© 2004 Emap Limited

Cobb, David

"When is a window not a window?", in UrbanBuzz: Autumn update of UrbanBuzz projects, vol 1, (London: 2008), pp.18-19

' ... we are turning windows into well-insulated walls when the space behind them is not in use, or when it is dark. There is little point, as we move toward a low energy future, in windows that lose heat in winter and gain excess heat in summer ... '

Review of the pilot demonstrator for passively operated external movable insulation over windows, led by Professor Stephen Gage at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

© 2008 UrbanBuzz

Gage, Stephen A. and Leung, Christopher

Chap. "Window on the future", in O'Rouke, Juliana (ed.), The Complete UrbanBuzz, (London: University College London, 2009), ISBN: 0-9561-3230-8, pp. 108-111

' ... many buildings, such as schools, colleges and offices, are unoccupied for most of the time. How can the energy consumed by empty buildings be controlled and reduced? ... '

This article reports on the demonstration pavilion's aims and objectives in response to this question. UrbanBuzz report, project led by Professor Stephen Gage at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

© 2009 UCL

Gage, Stephen A. and Leung, Christopher

"The Mechanical Homunculus", in Trappl, R. (ed.), Cybernetics and Systems 2008, vol 1, (Vienna, Austria: Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, 2008), (13) 978-3-85206-175-7, pp.103-108

Kucharek, Jan-Carlos

"When is a wall not a wall?", Royal Institute of British Architects Journal, (London: Atom publishing, 2009), ISSN: 1463-9505, pp.60

Killing, Alison (ed.)

"Dynamic External Insulation", in el-Ali, Jalal, MEADA magazine, vol 3, no 3, (2008), ISSN: 1758-969X (Print edition), 1758-9703 (Online edition), pp.76-80

© 2008 MEADA

Leung, Christopher

Chap. in "Imaging Dynamic Behavior", in Fatah gen. Schieck, Ava and Hanna, Sean (ed.), Architecture + Computation : Embedded Embodied Adaptive, (London: Emergent Architecture Press, 2007), ISBN: (13) 978-0-9557004-0-8, pp.71-72

Publication that coincided with the exhibition of project work curated by Ava Fatah and Sean Hanna of the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies UCL and Held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London.

© 2007 Emergent Arch.

Leung, Christopher

Chap. "Going with the user flow", in Philips Lighting (ed.), New visions on Dynamic Lighting, (Eindhoven: AIT, 2005), pp.92-101

' ... could the [occupant sensing and lighting control] system be designed to recognise the task context the personal lighting is being used in? ... Answers to these questions could help make lighting systems more user friendly as a whole.. '

A book publishing a collection of proposals for using Phillip's 'Dynamic lighting' technology at a workshop held in Marrakesh 2005 that the author participated in.

© 2005 AIT Press

Leung, Christopher

Chap. "Light Fibre Field", in Lim, CJ. (ed.), Devices: a manual of architectural + spatial machines, (Oxford: Architectural Press, 2006), ISBN: (13) 978-0-7506-6384-7, pp. 96-101

' ... an interactive lighting installation that consists of a field of directional light projecting wands ... they are choreographed under software control to build a four-dimensional map of their surroundings in response to both changes in ambient lighting and the pertubations from visitors passing through ... '

© 2006 Architectural Press

Leung, Christopher

"Architectural state-machines", in Proceedings of Greenwich 2000: Digital Creativity Symposium, (London: The University of Greenwich, 2000), 1-8616-6140-1, pp. 425-434

' ... a field of light wands 'inspired by the natural adaptation of the sunflower plant [Helianthus, Chrysanthenum] to the diurnal path of the sun across the sky' ... this paper discusses strategies and heuristics for how 'it physically collects information about its environment and what rule-base to apply to classify, interpret and react to it' ... ... '

© 2000 Greenwich Uni.

Leung, Christopher and Croxford, Ben

"Environmental feedback in an iterative design process", in Lasker, George E. and Leong, Yew-Thong (ed.), Architecture, engineering and construction of built environments, no II, (Baden-Baden, Germany: International institute for advanced studies in systems research and cybernetics, 2007), (13) 978-1-897233-89-4, pp.25-30

McManus, Christopher and Leung, Christopher

"Which Colour do you prefer?", Sci-art: Partnerships in science and art, (London: The Wellcome Trust, 1997)

Sheil, Bob and Leung, Christopher

"Kielder-probes : bespoke tools for an indeterminate design process", in Ataman, Osman (ed.), Smart architecture : association for computer aided design in architecture, (Savannah, GA, USA: ACADIA, 2005), 0-9772-8320-8, pp.254-259

O'Brien, Jamie (ed.)

"VEIV: Celebrating the Engineering Doctorate in Virtual Environments, Imaging & Visualisation at University College London", (London: EngD Centre in VEIV, 2013), ISBN-13: 978-0-9551-2329-0, pp.72-73

' ... The EngD centre at the Bartlett sits amongst the engineering, prototyping, climate testing and manufacturing facilities that are needed to explore this research topic ... '

An article on research work carried out at the Bartlett's engineering doctoral training centre at UCL on dynamic facades and thermo-hydraulic actuator technology.

© 2013 EngD Centre UCL

Silver, Pete and Dodd, Felix and Holdon, Tom and Leung, Chris and Pletts, Josephine

"Prototypical applications cybernetic systems in architectural context: A tribute to Gordon Pask", in Glanville, Ranulph and Scott, Berhard (ed.), Kybernetes: The international journal of systems \& cybernetics, vol 30, no 7/8, (Bradford, UK: MCB University Press, 2001), ISSN: 0368-492X, pp.902-920

An article showing the colour preference machine project carried out in Unit-14 'the interactive architecture workshop' at the Bartlett, exploring second order cybernetics between people, machines and the built environment.

© 2001 MCB Uni. Press

Ashton Porter Studio

Chap. "Formation office refurbishment", in Allen, Laura and Borden, Iain and Cook, Peter and Gibbs-Kennet, Peter and Stevenson, Rachel and Wray, Tim (ed.), Bartlett Works, (London: August Projects and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, 2004), ISBN: 1-9028-5423-3, pp.20

Cook, Peter (ed.)

Chap. "Unit 14, Unit 4", Light-Fibre field, A 'Redcoat' responsive system for Soho, (London: The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, 2000), ISBN: 0-9539-0210-2, pp.95, 120

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